Welcome to the Battle of Gielinor: A RuneScape 3 PvM Bingo Challenge (2024)

Welcome, adventurers, to the Battle of Gielinor, an intense PvM Bingo challenge in RS 3 where 16 teams compete for a whopping 16.4 billion RS3 GP prize pool. The objective is straightforward: the first team to complete all 64 Bingo tiles wins the challenge and takes home the grand prize of 8 billion GP. Additionally, second and third places receive prize money, and there is a bonus prize for the first team to complete each colored section of the Bingo card.

In this article, I'll share my experience throughout the Bingo event, starting with meeting my team and preparing for the challenge, progressing through various quests, boss fights, and strategic plays, all leading up to the final moments of the competition.

Prepping for the Battle

The Battle of Gielinor was only a few days away, and our team needed to do some prep work. This included completing two key quests: the brand new quest to unlock the Rex Matriarchs, which had just been released, and the quest "Kindred Spirits" to unlock Linza for Barrows runs. Completing these quests would provide us with essential gear and access to bosses needed for the Bingo tiles.

Unlocking the Rex Matriarchs

Completing the quest for the Rex Matriarchs was our first task. This allowed us to fight the four new Rex Matriarchs, whose drops we needed for the Bingo. The challenge of obtaining these drops added an exciting layer to our preparation.

Completing Kindred Spirits

Next, I tackled the "Kindred Spirits" quest. This quest was long overdue, but finishing it would enable us to fight Linza at Barrows, increasing our chances of obtaining her gear, which would be beneficial for our Barrows runs.

With these two quests completed, our team was better prepared to face the challenges ahead.

Achieving the Reaper Crew

Another important milestone before the Bingo event was the Reaper Crew achievement, which required killing every boss in the game. I only had two bosses left: the Legiones and the Magister. Killing these bosses would grant me a passive combat buff, providing an edge in the upcoming battles.

Conquering the Legiones and the Magister

Equipped with my Tier 90 ranged gear, I was ready to take on the Legiones. Despite some unexpected mechanics, I managed to defeat the first Legion, earning a decent amount of GP. Next, I faced the Magister, which proved to be an easy fight, granting me the Reaper Crew achievement and boosting my stats significantly.

Upgrading Necromancy Prayer

My final preparation task was unlocking the Tier 99 necromancy prayer, Ruination. This upgrade, costing 820 million GP, would maximize my damage output, which was crucial for the Bingo event. With the Ruination prayer unlocked, I was ready to dive into the challenge.

The Battle Begins

Day 1: Queen Black Dragon and Beyond

The Bingo event kicked off with a Reaper assignment to defeat the Queen Black Dragon (QBD). Our team needed to complete 20 Reaper assignments and obtain a full Royal crossbow and dragon kite shield from QBD. During my first hour, I completed one Reaper task and collected three out of four Royal crossbow pieces. Meanwhile, my teammate Soya obtained a valuable Raids drop.

Taking on Karapac

Next, I targeted Karapac, known for its intense, click-heavy combat. After an hour of battling, I decided to switch to a more casual boss to balance our progress across the Bingo tiles.

Day 2: Progress and Challenges

AFK Strategy and Boss Hunts

Day 2 began with some AFK bossing on mobile, focusing on Kree'arra for its valuable drops. While I was AFK, Soya completed the Raxor tile, and our team made significant progress on other tiles.

Raids and Nex Angel of Death

Returning to my computer, I tackled challenging bosses, including another Yakamaru raid, where I earned an Acto boots drop, adding to our Bingo progress. Our team also began farming Nex: Angel of Death for Praesul codices and weapons, essential for our Bingo goals.

Day 3: Dagannoth Kings and More

Efficient Teamwork

Our team decided to tackle the Dagannoth Kings together, aiming to collect 10 rings. This strategy paid off as I obtained multiple rings, and Soya completed the task. Our teamwork was proving effective, boosting our progress significantly.

Continuous Progress

Throughout the day, we completed various Bingo tiles, including the completion of the Kree'arra and Commander Zilyana sets. Despite our progress, we were still behind some of the top teams, but our spirits remained high.

Mid-Event: Adjustments and Strategy

Focusing on Efficient Bossing

As the event progressed, our team adapted our strategies to focus on efficient bossing. I spent significant time at Elite Dungeon 1, aiming to collect ancient scales. My luck was remarkable, obtaining numerous high-scale drops, which greatly contributed to our team's progress.

Big Game Hunter and New Drops

With the release of the new Skilling off-hands, I took a break from bossing to participate in Big Game Hunter, aiming for the valuable Hypnos wand piece. Successfully obtaining and selling it for 400 million RuneScape Gold was a significant boost to our funds.

Final Days: Pushing for Completion

Consistent Effort and Teamwork

In the final days, our team continued to push for completion. I focused on various bosses, including Solak and Araxxi, while our team worked together to tackle different tiles. Despite our efforts, we remained behind the top teams, but our progress was commendable.

Reflection and Results

As the event concluded, we reviewed our achievements. Our team completed 26 out of 64 Bingo tiles, placing us in 15th position. While we didn't win, the experience was incredibly rewarding. The camaraderie and teamwork made the event enjoyable and memorable.


Participating in the Battle of Gielinor was a fantastic experience. The thrill of competing, the strategic planning, and the shared excitement of achieving drops made it an unforgettable event. Although we didn't win, the journey was filled with fun and camaraderie, reminding me of the joy of playing RuneScape with friends. I look forward to future events and the chance to compete again.

Thank you to my teammates and the event organizers for making this possible. The Battle of Gielinor was truly a highlight of my RuneScape journey, and I can't wait for the next adventure.

RSorder Team

Welcome to the Battle of Gielinor: A RuneScape 3 PvM Bingo Challenge (2024)
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