Ultimate Guide to Dagannoth Kings OSRS (2024)

The Dagannoth Kings in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) are a trio of formidable bosses located within the Waterbirth Island Dungeon. They offer a thrilling challenge and rewarding loot for those brave enough to face them. This guide will provide you with comprehensive details on how to defeat these kings, whether you are solo or in a group. Let's dive into the world of Dagganoth King OSRSand uncover the secrets to success.

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Introduction to Dagannoth Kings

The Dagannoth Kings consist of three powerful monsters: Dagannoth Prime, Dagannoth Rex, and Dagannoth Supreme. Each king has its unique combat style and weaknesses, making them a challenging yet exciting boss fight.

Dagannoth Prime

  • Combat Style: Uses Magic attacks.
  • Weakness: Ranged attacks.
  • Notable Drops: Dragon axe, Berserker ring, Mud battlestaff.

Dagannoth Rex

  • Combat Style: Uses Melee attacks.
  • Weakness: Magic attacks.
  • Notable Drops: Warrior ring, Berserker ring, Seercull.

Dagannoth Supreme

  • Combat Style: Uses Ranged attacks.
  • Weakness: Melee attacks.
  • Notable Drops: Archer's ring, Dragon axe, Seercull.

Getting to Dagannoth Kings


Before you set out to conquer the Dagannoth Kings, preparation is key. Here are some essentials you need:

  • Gear and Inventory Setup: Equip high-defense armor suitable for your combat style. Bring plenty of food, potions (like Super Restore and Prayer potions), and a one-click teleport for emergencies.
  • Combat Gear:
    • For Ranged (against Prime): Toxic Blowpipe or Twisted Bow.
    • For Magic (against Rex): Trident of the Swamp or Sanguinesti Staff.
    • For Melee (against Supreme): Abyssal Whip or Zamorakian Hasta.
  • Prayer and Potions: Protect from Magic, Protect from Missiles, and Protect from Melee are crucial. Bring Super Restore or Prayer potions to keep your prayers active.

Navigating Waterbirth Island Dungeon

Reaching the Dagannoth Kings involves traversing the Waterbirth Island Dungeon. Ensure you have a team or a friend to help you navigate the doors requiring multiple players.

  • Step 1: Travel to Rellekka and take a boat to Waterbirth Island.
  • Step 2: Enter the Waterbirth Island Dungeon and proceed through the various doors and tunnels.
  • Step 3: Use a Pet Rock or coordinate with teammates to pass through the doors requiring multiple players.
  • Step 4: Navigate through the dungeon, avoiding or fighting through aggressive Dagannoth enemies until you reach the lair of the Dagannoth Kings.

Solo Dagannoth Kings OSRS

Soloing the Dagannoth King OSRSis a challenging but rewarding experience. Here’s a detailed guide on how to solo each king

Solo Dagannoth Prime

  1. Gear Setup: Equip your best Ranged gear. Toxic Blowpipe or Twisted Bow works best.
  2. Strategy:
    • Prayer: Use Protect from Magic.
    • Positioning: Lure Prime away from Rex and Supreme to avoid their attacks.
    • Combat: Use rapid-fire Ranged attacks, utilizing your special attack weapon if necessary.

Solo Dagannoth Rex

  1. Gear Setup: Equip your best Magic gear. Trident of the Swamp or Sanguinesti Staff is recommended.
  2. Strategy:
    • Prayer: Use Protect from Melee.
    • Positioning: Keep a safe distance from Rex to avoid his melee attacks.
    • Combat: Cast your strongest Magic spells, using special attacks when available.

Solo Dagannoth Supreme

  1. Gear Setup: Equip your best Melee gear. Abyssal Whip or Zamorakian Hasta is effective.
  2. Strategy:
    • Prayer: Use Protect from Missiles.
    • Positioning: Lure Supreme to an area where you can focus solely on him without interference.
    • Combat: Use fast, powerful melee attacks, employing your special attack weapon to maximize damage.

Dagannoth Kings Guide OSRS

For those looking to team up, the Solo Dagannoth Kings OSRScan be even more rewarding with coordinated efforts. Here’s how to tackle them with a team

Team Setup

  • Roles: Assign roles based on combat styles:
    • Ranged Attacker: Focus on Dagannoth Prime.
    • Magic Attacker: Focus on Dagannoth Rex.
    • Melee Attacker: Focus on Dagannoth Supreme.
  • Communication: Ensure clear communication and coordination to avoid overlapping attacks and mismanagement of aggro.

Group Strategy

  1. Entering the Lair: Enter together, ensuring everyone is ready and in position.
  2. Combat:
    • Ranged Attacker: Use Protect from Magic and focus on Prime.
    • Magic Attacker: Use Protect from Melee and focus on Rex.
    • Melee Attacker: Use Protect from Missiles and focus on Supreme.
  3. Loot Management: Agree on a loot distribution method beforehand to avoid disputes.

Tips and Tricks for Dagannoth Kings

  • Keep an Eye on Respawn Times: Each king has a respawn time of about 1-2 minutes. Manage your time effectively to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Safe Spotting: Utilize safe spots to minimize damage, especially when soloing.
  • Healing Methods: Consider using Guthan's set for passive healing or the Blood Barrage spell.
  • Switching Prayers: Be prepared to switch prayers quickly based on the king you are fighting to minimize damage taken.

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Mastering the Dagannoth Kings OSRS is a testament to your skills and preparation in Old School RuneScape. Whether you're taking on these formidable foes solo or with a team, the rewards are well worth the challenge. Follow this guide, equip yourself with the best gear, and step into the lair with confidence. Happy hunting!

Ultimate Guide to Dagannoth Kings OSRS (2024)
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