The Matrix 5 Release Date, Cast And, Plot - What We Know So Far (2024)

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The Matrix 5 Release Date, Cast And, Plot - What We Know So Far


The Matrix 5 Release Date, Cast And, Plot - What We Know So Far (4)

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December 2021 finally saw the return of Neo (Keanu Reeves), Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), and the bullet-riddled rebellion against the machines thanks to "The Matrix Resurrections." The fourth film in the mind-bending sci-fi franchise pulled in around $66 million in its first week of release (via Box Office Mojo) and left many fans divided over director and co-writer Lana Wachowski's return to the groundbreaking franchise. However, even those who didn't love the latest installment in the series were no doubt intrigued by the cliffhanger finale reminiscent of the original movie (song included). That begs the question: Are there future plans for the Matrix's leading power couple?

Thanks to long-overdue sequels, there are franchises that have been revived well after they were thought to be dead, sometimes leading to impressive outcomes. For instance, who ever thought we'd see Sylvester Stallone reprise the role of Rock until we got the "Creed" franchise?With that in mind, here's everything we know about the likelihood of getting plugged back into "The Matrix."

What is the release date for The Matrix 5?

The Matrix 5 Release Date, Cast And, Plot - What We Know So Far (5)

Warner Bros.

Currently, there's no confirmation that a fifth "Matrix" film is even in the works at theWB water tower HQ. As a result, a release date hasn't even been mentioned. If it were to happen, fans should keep their fingers crossed that it's sooner rather than later, given the last film's lengthy wait time to get going. Considering the 18-year gap between "The Matrix Revolutions" and "The Matrix Resurrections," the hope would be that we'd see a sequel in the next decade that could give us another dose of high-level thrills and Agent-destroying action.

Of course, given that this is a franchise that leans on hope as much as it does hardware, WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff hinted that the likelihood of a fifth Matrix film is greater than you'd think, supposing that one key player is involved. Speaking to Deadline recently, Sarnoff said, "Anytime Lana wants to make a movie, we're all in."

Who is in the cast of The Matrix 5?

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Warner Bros.

So, this is less of a cast list being pulled up and more of a round of fantasy casting for a potential fifth return to "The Matrix." Given that the end of "The Matrix Resurrections" revealed that Trinity was as much a threat to the machines as her rule-bending beloved, it would make sense that both Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss would make a comeback if a fifth film got the green light. It would also be great to see the impressive newcomers such as Jessica Henwick's Bug and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's Morpheus back in action, as well.

As far as the old guard goes, Jada Pinkett Smith's aged Niobe was a great addition in "Resurrections," as were her conversations with Neo and the younger blood of the freedom fighters. Seeing her back in a capacity similar to Judi Dench's M from the Bond franchise would be a welcome addition. As for the other original cast members, it would be great to see Hugo Weaving back as Agent Smith or some variation of the charater, at least. The former foe had expressed his disappointmentin not being able to appear, leaving the duties for Jonathan Geoff to take over. Perhaps seeing an interaction between the original model and the latest with a new skin would make for an exciting encounter.

What will The Matrix 5 be about?

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Warner Bros.

As mentioned, given that there are currently no plans to jack back into "The Matrix," any plot would purely be a spit-balling session, only in slow-motion and with really cool sunglasses on. Of course, we can speculate that, following the outcome of "The Matrix Resurrections," Trinity and Neo are once again reunited and hoping to get back to what they do best — breaking the system.

After busting into The Analyst's(Neil Patrick Harris) home — who you might say, was the architect in keeping the two apart — Trinity makes demands that the machines keep their distance. In the meantime, Trinity reveals that she and Neo plan on changing a few things to ensure that humanity isn't bound by the mechanical overlords that the heroes of the human race have once again thwarted before flying away. Naturally, the obvious move to make would have the machines go back on their word, which would lead the revived duo to go back into action to set things right. All of which would culminate in an incredible showdown with Rage Against the Machine playing again before the credits kick in. Classic.


The Matrix 5 Release Date, Cast And, Plot - What We Know So Far (2024)
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