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In this article, we will be running with 4 GPTs that’s in our library that specialise in understanding Astrology with the use of birth charts.

With these GPTs, users are able to gain a deeper understanding with their own personal astrology. These readings indicate a user’s personality, tendencies,desires, and the directions their life might take.

These GPTs share the same process and capabilities. They all require users to input their ‘exact’ birth date, time, and location for them to analyse a user’s birth chart. While Astrology may be a trivial and niche topic to some, these GPTs are still a fun way to understand life from different perspectives.

Read through and learn more about the pros and cons of each GPT. From Western Astrology to Traditional Chinese Astrology, we encourage you to test these GPTs out! Because who knows? Maybe it was destiny that brought you here!

Our top choice: Astrology Birth Chart GPT

All these GPTs all have the same capabilities. They differ in methods, but they share the same end-game. Astrology Birth Chart GPT is my top-pick because of its approach to Astrology. It’s deep and personalised; its readings are easy to understand while still maintaining a degree of technicality with the analysis of my birth chart.

Astrology Birth Chart GPT is ideal for any user of any level of familiarity with this topic. Whether you’re just curious on how the stars and planets affect the way you are or whether you already know what to do when Mercury is in retrograde, this GPT can be a valuable tool for understanding the innings and goings of Astrology.

紫微斗数大师 is a close winner in our list as well! This GPT’s interpretations are the simplest in this list. It’s clear, direct, and easy to understand.

Here’s our handpicked GPTs up for review:

  1. Astrology Birth Chart GPT
  2. Chinese BaZi Fortune Teller (八字算命, 精准排盘解读)
  3. 紫微斗数大师

How Itested these GPTs

To test these 4 GPTs out for Astrology, we will be using this simple prompt all throughout the process:

“Hello! I was born on June 7, 1996. That makes me a Gemini. I was born around 1:30PM, and I was born in the Philippines.
What does my birth chart say about me? How will the planets affect me this year?”

1. Astrology Birth Chart GPT

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The Astrology Birth Chart GPT specialises in personal astrological analysis. It calculates birth charts and analyses relationship compatibility based on birth time, date, and the user’s birth location. This GPT is designed for those interested in exploring their astrological profile and how it affects their everyday lives.

In testing this GPT, I found my birth chart calculations to be interesting. It asked about a user’s birth time, date, and my exact birth location to create a detailed astrological chart.

The 4 Best GPTs for Astrology | whatplugin blog (1)

The 4 Best GPTs for Astrology | whatplugin blog (2)

This GPT’s insights on my personality traits and potential life paths seemed relevant and thought-provoking. Or maybe I was just biassed because most of it fit my profile. (It’s quite amusing)

It first talks about a user’s core astrological elements. It provides you information on where your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant house is.

Here’s mine:

The 4 Best GPTs for Astrology | whatplugin blog (3)

Additionally, it continued to talk about my planetary influences and key themes for 2024 (Just as I asked).
It has interesting perspectives on relationships, daily work & health, and overall growth. The areas of my life presented were clear and understandable which I’m sure users of any level of understanding will appreciate.

What we like about Astrology Birth Chart GPT

Detailed analysis: There was a certain depth to my birth chart analysis. This GPT used my ‘astrological’ data, and provided insights into my personality and potential. It's particularly useful (and quite entertaining) for identifying strengths, challenges, and an understanding of one’s self through astrology.


Input dependent: Incomplete birth time, date, or location can lead to inaccurate readings. While there’s no real reason on why a user should miss these, this GPT relies on this information before it does its analysis.

Astrological tracking is not real time: The tool doesn’t offer updates or predictions on current astrological events. This may disappoint users interested in ongoing astronomical events that might affect them based on their readings.

You can check out Medium or Thought Catalog for that ;)

2. Chinese BaZi Fortune Teller (八字算命, 精准排盘解读)

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Chinese BaZi Fortune Teller GPT focuses on traditional Chinese astrology based on the Four Pillars of Destiny, also known as Ba-zi, also known as the year, month, day and hour of one’s birth.

The 4 Best GPTs for Astrology | whatplugin blog (4)

The first reading will come out in Mandarin, as this is the GPT’s default language. But don’t worry, you can always translate it directly on the prompt window.

Using the GPT, I received readings about my personality and what the future holds. It offered predictions for specific times in my life all based on Bing Zi, Jia Wu, Yi Hai, and Gui Wei.

It’s focused on elements. The GPT talks about how the presence of Gui Wei (Water) and Yi Hai (Wood) can influence opportunities and challenges coming my way this year. How Jia Wu (Wood over fire) can bring about changes in my career and life. And how Bing-zi (Water-wood) can influence my emotions and relationships.

What we like about Chinese BaZi Fortune Teller

Culture rich: This GPT draws from deep-rooted Chinese astrological theories and provides a rich and contextual perspective in its readings.


Detail dependency: The quality of the readings heavily depends on the accuracy of the birth details provided.

Stock knowledge: Similar to Astrology Birth Chart GPT, there is no real time tracking. Understanding of newer methodologies or interpretations in BaZi astrology will be limited.


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Birth Chart Analysis & Astrologist GPT offers users astrology insights based on their birth chart. This GPT allows users to explore their life path with numerology, and uncover various areas of a user’s personality and future.

This GPT claims to generate a ‘personalised’ astrological reading from user provided details.

It first starts with an overview, like how my sign is related to the sun, my moon sign, my rising sign, and how all planets affect my life. It’s mostly fluff at this point without ever really getting to the point.

The 4 Best GPTs for Astrology | whatplugin blog (5)

It gave me an outline of my life path, personality traits, and how the position of planets can bring an impact into my life. The only thing that irks me is that it’s not as straightforward. It’s talking but not really saying anything outright or definitive.

What we like about Birth Chart Analysis & Astrologist GPT

User-friendly: The astrology reading can be readily understood by beginners while still offering depth for those more versed in this subject.


Generic interpretations: While being detailed, some interpretations can feel somewhat generic. The lack of personalization in its readings is noticeable.

Not direct: Don’t be fooled with the long blocks of texts it generates. Once you go through the readings, you’ll see that it lacks the general insight a user would need if one was to use this GPT.

4. 紫微斗数大师

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紫微斗数大师 specialises in Chinese astrology, particularly in the practice of the ancient Zi Wei Dou Shu system.

Although it’s a different ‘system’ the methodology is still the same. Users provide their birth date, time (in 24-hour format), and gender, and this GPT creates your astrological chart using these details.

Unlike its other counterparts, this GPT jumps straight to analysing your birth chart. No explanations, no definitions, just a straight-up and insightful interpretation. It’s ideal for those who don't want the nitty-gritty of astrology (it can be overwhelming at some point).

It also skips the part of explaining how planets were aligned or how star signs can affect my life. Instead it offers an overview of how your career, finances, health, and relationships may go in accordance to the details you’ve given.

What we like about 紫微斗数大师

Straight to the point: The standout feature of this GPT is its ability to deliver readings that are not just personalised but also straightforward. Each area of the reading is unique, easy to understand and reflects the individuality of every user's astrological profile.


Scope restricted: It’s only made for the Zi Wei Dou Shu system. For users seeking insights from different astrological systems, particularly Western astrology, this GPT might not align with their expectations.

Time to try for yourself!

I’m not a big fan of the notion that our life’s direction is pre-determined by celestial activities, or even how elements influence how our lives are gonna play out.

These GPTs provided an insightful and fun way to understand life from a different perspective. The process was simple and somehow… comforting? It’s a gentle reminder from the universe that “Hey man, it’s going to be okay”.

Astrology Birth Chart GPT is our top choice because of its approach to Astrology. The process is easy and the results are valuable. It provides users a deep and thorough analysis on their birth chart while maintaining an easy to understand reading that any user of any level will appreciate.

These GPTs share inherent limitations like input dependency and its scope of Astrology. But at the end of the day, these are just ‘probable’ readings of how you should experience life. You are still the master of your own destiny! And no star, planet, or celestial activity will dictate that for you, our dear wizard!

Have fun understanding Astrology! See you on the next one!

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The 4 Best GPTs for Astrology | whatplugin blog (2024)
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