The 10 Hardest Oxbridge Degrees to Get Accepted On (2024)

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Check here top 10 Hardest Oxbridge Degree/ Toughest Oxbridge University Degrees orOxbridge Hardest Degree Courses in Abroad

If we talk about hardest universities to gain entrance in, Oxford and Cambridge would probably top the ranks. Situated in the heart of the English speaking nation, these universities (together referred to as Oxbridge) attract the widest crowd from all over the world. The history, scholarship, credit and merit that defines Oxbridge is enough to make it a dream destination for all those who wish to bring a special change in the world we live in.

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The legacy of Oxbridge needs no introduction. It has been able to create such a legacy owing to the world class education and scholarship that is attained within its walls. Oxbridge is among the best places to study in because it does not compromise with the high standard of education, lifestyle and experience that define it. And it is for this reason that it is among the most difficult universities to secure a seat in. However, not all courses are made equally difficult. Some are more competitive than others. And the degrees that are difficult to get accepted in are not same in Oxford as that in Cambridge.

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Hardest Oxbridge Degrees:

Here, in this article, we bring to you the 10 hardest Oxbridge degrees or top 10th Hardest Courses or Toughest Degrees/ Courses to get accepted on. Take a deep breath and read on…

  1. Economics and Management: University of Oxford has an acceptance rate of 7%! It is easily the most difficult subject to pursue in Oxford.
  2. Computer Science: University of Oxford has an acceptance rate of about 9 % which is probably the lowest for this course in any given university.
  3. Architecture: Although one of the most popular courses to pursue across the globe, you will have a tough time in getting a seat reserved for architecture in University of Cambridge. The acceptance rate for architecture in Cambridge is 10.7%.
  4. Medicine: Medicine is difficult to pursue in any good medical school. But Oxford has an acceptance rate of 11%, which makes it absolutely difficult to get through.
  5. History and Politics: History and Politics are difficult subjects as it is. And to pursue them from an esteemed university like Oxford is a lifetime opportunity. But unfortunately the acceptance rate for History and Politics in Oxford is 11%, giving only few to be able to pursue these degrees.
  6. Law with Law studies in Europe: This is a unique degree offered by Oxford University, and not by every other university. And with that, it is offered to only a select few interested candidates. The acceptance rate for this degree is Oxford is 12% only.
  7. Economics: Economics is one of the most sought after subjects. Not only is it one of the most powerful subjects in terms of its educational benefits, it is also one of the highest paying subjects. Thus it is difficult to pursue a degree in this subject in any good university. Cambridge has an acceptance rate of 13.8 % for economics, making it very difficult to get a seat.
  8. Fine Art: A subject solely meant for artists, fine arts is not everyone’s cup of tea. And the universities that offer a course in fine arts are very selective about the students they wish to admit. Oxford offers a mere 14% rate of acceptance for fine arts degree.
  9. Human Sciences: A branch of medical science, human sciences is a specialization course and is not easily found in every university. The University of Oxford offers limited seats to eligible candidates. The acceptance rate for the same at Oxford is 14%.
  10. Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE): A degree not found in most universities, PPE is offered by Oxford. Yet again the acceptance rate is not above 15% and it among the more difficult courses to pursue in Oxford.
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The 10 hardest Oxbridge degrees or Toughest Oxbridge Courses or Toughest Oxbridge University Courses to get accepted in are also among the best degrees to pursue. They may be difficult to get through, but once you have managed to book your seat in Oxbridge, it is a privileged opportunity that must be availed.

The 10 Hardest Oxbridge Degrees to Get Accepted On (2024)
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