Is Temu legit? Everything you need to know about the app | Digital Trends (2024)

Have you been looking for an Amazon shopping alternative? Outside of getting in your car and heading to your local brick-and-mortar establishment (scary, we know), one smartphone and tablet-friendly shopping tool you could take for a spin is Temu.


  • What is Temu?
  • Is the Temu app legit?
  • Is Temu a scam?
  • How to download the Temu app
  • Do you have to download the Temu app?
  • Why are Temu prices so cheap?
  • Does Temu offer protection for user data?

Launched in September 2022, Temu prides itself on its cost-friendly approach to buying stuff online. But is it a worthy stand-in for Amazon, or should you stick to the Almighty A for your household must-haves? Let’s find out!

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What is Temu?

Is Temu legit? Everything you need to know about the app | Digital Trends (1)

Temu is an online shopping app akin to Amazon that claims to host the best deals you can find online. With more than 250 different categories to choose from, it functions as an all-encompassing shopping app, as opposed to one for specific interests. Temu claims to be unique, however, by having lower prices than those found at other online sellers. While that’s not always the case with non-discounted items, the items sold at full price are — at the very least — sold at similar, if not the same, prices as they are on sites like Amazon, Target, or Walmart.


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Frequent sales and multiweek deals are common on the app, however, which means it’s worth taking a look there first before buying anything online to see if you can get what you’re looking for a little cheaper. Take note, however, that not all major brands are selling on Temu yet, as it’s still an up-and-coming marketplace. There are still plenty of big brands that are already selling there, however.

Is the Temu app legit?

As mentioned above, there’s been a fair amount of skepticism aimed at Temu, which is completely natural. Any time an app deals with sensitive information — like your credit card numbers and home address — it’s good to have some trepidation. However, concerns regarding Temu’s legitimacy are easily put to rest. Although new, the app is backed by PDD Holdings Inc., a multibillion-dollar company that has many years of global commerce experience.

In terms of other forms of verified legitimacy, Temu supports several forms of secure payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and most credit cards. Temu seems to be as legit as all other major online retailers.

Is Temu a scam?

Is Temu legit? Everything you need to know about the app | Digital Trends (5)

In short, no, Temu is not a scam. It’s a perfectly legitimate online shopping marketplace that has faced skepticism from people, as all new online retailers do.

There seems to be an additional amount of unfounded fear toward the company since the other major company that Temu’s parent company, PDD Holdings Inc., owns is Pinduoduo — a Chinese-based agriculture company. However, there’s plenty of evidence to show that both PDD Holdings Inc. and Pinduoduo are legitimate companies and that there’s nothing to be suspicious of.

Per a Temu representative who reached out to Digital Trends, “PDD Holdings Inc. owns and operates a portfolio of businesses globally, including Temu in the U.S. and Canada and Pinduoduo, the social commerce app in China. Pinduoduo is Temu’s sister company.”

How to download the Temu app

Downloading the Temu app is simple regardless of whether you’re using a phone running on iOS or Android since it’s offered on both. Head to the app store on your phone and search for “Temu.” The app icon is orange with white text and four small symbols. In the store, the app will be listed as “Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire.” Select the prompt to download the app, and you’ll have Temu on your phone whenever you’re looking to do some discounted shopping.

If you don’t want to download the app, Temu is fully functional in-browser as well. Simply head over to, and you can access all of the features you’ll find on the app.

Download Temu for iOS

Download Temu for Android

Do you have to download the Temu app?

Absolutely not. If you’d rather do your shopping from a laptop or desktop PC (or you’d prefer to use your smartphone or tablet’s web browser), you can head to Temu’s website instead.

You’ll be able to do everything you can do in the Temu app, including category filtering, order tracking, inputting a payment method, and more.

Why are Temu prices so cheap?

Based on the company’s own responses to this question, Temu is able to offer much lower prices than competitors like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target because of its supply chain structure.

Employing a seller to consumer approach, all Temu’s products are sold through third parties. There’s also no product manufacturing taking place outside of China, so Temu isn’t held to the same regulations as US product developers.

Does Temu offer protection for user data?

This is a bit of a gray area at the moment. As part of Temu’s security and privacy terms, safeguarding customer info is a pretty big priority for the company. That being said, Temu has recently come under fire for mishandling user data.

A class-action lawsuit was filed against the company in February 2024 by the Hagens Berman law firm. Representing plaintiffs from Illinois, California, Massachusetts, and Virginia, Temu faces accusations of employing spyware and malware to access and share user data with third parties.

In a response to CBS 2, Temu asserts that they do not share customer data with third parties.

We’ll keep you posted on the ongoing lawsuit as it continues to unfold.

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Is Temu legit? Everything you need to know about the app | Digital Trends (2024)


Is Temu legit? Everything you need to know about the app | Digital Trends? ›

It depends on your definition of "legitimate." Yes, most of the products on Temu are real; you will receive them, and it takes about 10 days for them to reach your doorstep. However, any tech products you order on Temu are not name-brand unless there is a blue checkmark on their product listing.

Is the Temu app safe to use? ›

That doesn't guarantee that the items you receive will be of good quality, though. Temu doesn't currently have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a trusted organization for testing business safety, so it's hard to confirm whether its products and services are completely legitimate and safe to use.

Is Temu a legitimate site? ›

Temu is a legitimate company and a functioning e-commerce site, but it lacks accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is the standard for major retailers. Many of the tech items being sold on the site look like those manufactured by major companies like Dell or HP, but they're not authentic.

Should I delete the Temu app? ›

At its core, the decision to delete the Temu app boils down to individual choice and specific needs. Maybe you're decluttering your phone, or perhaps you're taking a break from online shopping to save money. It varies from person to person. Another reason might be the desire for a digital detox.

Is it safe to put your card info on Temu? ›

Advanced Security Protocols: Temu employs advanced security measures to protect your personal and payment information. This includes the use of secure socket layer (SSL) technology to encrypt data during transmission.

Does Temu gain access to your phone? ›

A lawsuit alleges TEMU uses spyware and malware that “TEMU collects user data beyond what is necessary for an online shopping app” and it gains access to “l*terally everything on your phone.”

Is there a class action lawsuit against Temu? ›

The cases against Temu are among the latest class action lawsuits brought by consumers concerned about their data privacy. For more guidance on the interplay between sports, business, and law, reach out to a member of our team.

What are the ethical issues with Temu? ›

And in May 2023, a US congressional committee wrote to Temu requesting information about its compliance with the US anti-forced labour laws, after an investigation found that the company's business model allowed it to avoid complying with US regulations blocking imports from China's Xinjiang region, where there is a ...

Who owns Temu in the USA? ›

Temu is owned by PDD Holdings, the parent of Pinduoduo. The discount e-commerce marketplace has been growing rapidly around the world thanks, in part, to low prices. PDD was founded Colin Huang, who remains the largest shareholder of PDD.

What is the warning about Temu? ›

The Better Business Bureau, BBB, is warning about all kinds of issues with the website; from complaints about product quality, shipping delays, and items bought but never received. BBB reports over 1,000 customer complaints about Temu, and it's on BBB's alert radar. One of the biggest issues is privacy concerns.

Is Temu a security risk? ›

The US government accused Temu of potential data risks after Google suspended its sister site, e-commerce platform Pinduoduo, for containing malware. According to CNBC, analysts say Temu is less of a threat, and the risks associated with Pinduoduo were targeted at Chinese users.

Can I trust Temu? ›

As of the time of writing, the site has just a 2.5/5 rating from visitors to the US Better Business Bureau (BBB) while one-third of reviews on Trustpilot are one-star. Users frequently criticize Temu for inbox spam, difficulty receiving refunds, and items arriving in poor condition or not at all.

How to get rid of Temu malware? ›

Locate the Temu app icon on your home screen or app drawer. Long-press the icon until a menu appears. Depending on your device, you might see an "Uninstall" or "Remove" option directly in the menu. Tap that option to uninstall Temu.

Is Temu a Chinese company? ›

Whaleco Technology Limited, doing business as Temu, is an online marketplace operated by the Chinese e-commerce company PDD Holdings. It offers heavily discounted consumer goods which are mostly shipped to consumers directly from China.

Where is Temu shipped from? ›

Where Does Temu Ship from? Most of the products you see on Temu are directly shipped from Chinese suppliers and factories, while some can be shipped within the US. Some third-party suppliers have set up warehouses to facilitate the timely shipping of many products.

Can I order from Temu without the app? ›

Temu also has a website where you can browse and buy all their cool stuff without downloading the app. This is perfect for those who prefer shopping on a bigger screen or just don't want to fill up their phone's storage with another app.

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