Honkai: Star Rail - Guide To Divergent Universe (2024)

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Ever since the release of Honkai: Star Rail, HoYoverse has made constant additions to Simulated Universe, sometimes in the form of new Worlds, while other times in the form of an entirely new game mode like the Swarm Disaster. However, nothing has been quite as big as the Divergent Universe released in the Version 2.3 update.


Honkai: Star Rail - All Paths In The Simulated Universe, Ranked

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Apart from featuring a remarkably different play style, this mode also solves the issue of having to go through a 15-minute run just to get a few Planar Ornaments. However, if you want to beat this game mode, you'll have to understand its mechanics.

How To Unlock Divergent Universe

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If you want to take part in the Divergent Universe, there are essentially two requirements, but only one of them is necessary. The requirement that you absolutely have to fulfill is the one where you have to beat the third world of the Simulated Universe on any difficulty. This will unlock an event featuring the Divergent Universe.

However, this game mode is located at an area in Penacony that only unlocks during the Farewell, Penacony quest, which is the Prologue of the area. If you're fairly new to the game, this can take you quite a while to reach. Thankfully, there's a way for you to go around it using the Finality's Vision mechanic.

This mechanic lets you skip all the pre-requisite quests for specific game modes like Divergent Universe or Apocalyptic Shadow.

You also don't get spoiled about a ton of things when you use this for Divergent Universe since the only thing you'll see is a small part of the area where the game mode is situated.

Divergent Universe General Walkthrough

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As mentioned above, the Divergent Universe features the perfect blend of normal Simulated Universe and specific game modeslike Gold And Gears. If you've taken part in these game modes, the gameplay loop will feel similar. Much like the higher worlds of Simulated Universe, you have to beat 13 different rooms to get past one run in the Divergent Universe.

However, similar to Gold And Gears, you have to go through three planes, with the first and third plane being four floors and the middle one being five. At the end of each plane, which is on floors four, nine, and 13, you'll have to fight and defeat a main boss to get to the next plane and continue the run.

In this mode, if you end up getting defeated or are about to get defeated in battle, you can simply restart it from the main menu.

The game lets you restart the battle as many times as you'd like, so you no longer have to close the game for it.

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After defeating the first two bosses on the fourth and ninth floors, a mechanic called Excessive Conversion triggers. In this part of the battle, two Elite enemies spawn, and you can get points of Conversion Data whenever you deal damage to them. You'll get an extra chest after the battle for reaching 1,500, 4,000, and 10,000 Conversion Data respectively.

However, you can only reach 10,000 points by defeating both enemies, and you have limited turns to do that. This is just a bonus battle, so your characters regenerate all their HP after it, and even if you get defeated in it, the game considers it a victory and you get to move forward in the run.

You can essentially consider the Excessive Conversion as a reward battle for beating the boss where you have nothing to lose.

As you might notice, the game won't ask you to select a specific path while entering the Divergent Universe. This system has been replaced by Equations, where two paths can be combined to form a special effect (more on this below). Since the main system is replaced, you also get a new set of Blessings, Occurrence, Curios, and Weighted Curios in the Divergent Universe.

Weighted Curios are special Curios that give various buffs only to the characters on specific paths and combat types mentioned on the Curio.

Moreover, normal Curios are divided into various rarities in the Divergent Universe.

Some of them are the same as the Simulated Universe while others feature special effects involving the Equations. When you're choosing blessings after a battle or an Occurrence in this game mode, you will sometimes see a special green-colored sign when a blessing can contribute to your Equation.

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Most of the rooms during a Divergent Universe run will be familiar, but some of them will have a little difference. For example, the Occurrence, Reward, and Encounter domains will now permanently feature two Occurrences, and you have to take both of them. Moreover, you can sometimes get three choices for the next room instead of the regular two.

You'll also sometimes find Divergent Universe-exclusive domains like Wealth and Escapade. These rooms feature the Penacony gacha feature where you can try your luck at getting various rewards using Cosmic Fragments. The Wealth domain will also give you a bunch of Cosmic Fragments for free, and you can always ignore the gacha machines if you want.

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You'll also regularly encounter a new interactable NPC in the Divergent Universe called the Workbench of Creation. Using this, you can have a chance to do three things:

  • Choose one of your current Equations and replace it to get a choice between three random Equations.
  • Choose one of your Blessings and replace it to get a choice between three random Blessings.
  • Use a special Heat currency to upgrade some of your Blessings. Each Workbench contains four Heat and you'll have to use three to enhance a golden blessing, two for blue, and one for white.

You'd want to consume all four Heat for every Workbench of Creation that you encounter since this currency isn't shared between them.

If you don't enhance your Blessings with it, you'd essentially be wasting free upgrades.

Equations, Explained

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If you want to have a chance at beating the different difficulties of the Divergent Universe, you'll need to understand how Equations work. Essentially, instead of asking you to choose one path for the entire run, Equations lets you make a combination of multiple paths by using small abilities from each of them.

Each Equation consists of two paths, and it requires a certain number of Blessings from both these paths to be activated. However, you can have multiple Equations in the same run, allowing you to create a unique effect for each one. You get to choose one Equation at the start of a normal run, while getting others as you progress.

In Divergent Universe, you have all the characters on your account available in each run, and you can switch between them at any point.

This brings life to the Equation system. For example, if you started a run with Firefly thinking of making a Break-based run but end up getting Ultimate-based Equations, you can switch to an Acheron team at any point.

The game also upgrades all your characters and gives them recommended Relics and Light Cones when they're not fully upgraded only for Divergent Universe. This makes it the perfect place to test out characters before you commit resources to upgrade them.

Ordinary And Cyclical Extrapolation, Explained

Honkai: Star Rail - Guide To Divergent Universe (8)

When you press the Start Game button in Divergent Extrapolation, you can choose from two different modes: Ordinary and Cyclical Extrapolation. These are mostly the same with a few differences:

Ordinary Extrapolation

This is the main part of Divergent Universe as you have to beat this at a certain difficulty to take partin the same difficulty of the Cyclical Extrapolation. However, the enemies and Equations in this mode are completely randomized.

Cyclical Extrapolation

This is a controlled version of Divergent Universe where you already learn the final boss from the beginning. You also get specific Equations to set you on a certain play style from the start.

Cyclical Extrapolation gets reset every week with new enemies and play styles. You can get some extra Synchronicity Points (more on this below) by taking part in it every week.

When you're entering Cyclical Extrapolation, it's recommended to click on the enemy as you can see the recommended Weaknesses here. You can also check the initial Equations before entering the run, which gives you an idea of the team you're supposed to use. For example, the first Cyclical Extrapolation was completely based on Break Effect due to Firefly's release.

Inspiration Circuit Guide

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If you've played the multiple Simulated Universe game modes, you're probably already used to seeing an ability tree that slowly gives you permanent boosts to make these Roguelike modes a little easier. The Inspiration Circuit is the ability tree for Divergent Universe, and you can get Inspiration after finishing a run, which can be spent here.

The smaller nodes in the circuit give you various permanent boosts like ATK, Crit Rate, Crit DMG, Break Effect, and many more. On the other hand, the bigger nodes contain special abilities that can make your runs a lot easier, especially on higher difficulties.

Divergent Universe Rewards

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Once you fully beat the Divergent Universe, you can get a whopping 3,000 Stellar Jades among many other rewards. However, these rewards are divided into multiple mechanics:

Gallery Of Possibilities

Whenever you gain a new Occurrence, Blessing, Curio, Weighted Curio, or Equation, it gets tabulated here. You can claim Stellar Jades when you have a certain number of any one of them.

During your run, you'll see a special book icon on the top right of these when you don't have them documented yet.

Stable Computing Array

This area features a ton of tasks that you can finish to claim Stellar Jades, Relic Fragments, Synchronicity Points, and many other EXP materials.

Synchronicity Level

You'll gain Synchronicity points whenever you finish a run, take part in the Cyclical Extrapolation every week, or finish certain tasks in the Stable Computing Array. Getting a certain number of points will unlock rewards here.

Weekly Reset

The weekly reset from the Simulated Universe is also shared with the Divergent Universe, meaning you can easily get these rewards by taking part in this game mode as well.

After getting Herta: Collector's Edition in Stable Computing Array or Road of the Mundanite in Synchronicity rewards, you'll unlock the Probability Museum where you can put various items on display to get special buffs in the Divergent Universe.

Planar Ornament Extraction

Honkai: Star Rail - Guide To Divergent Universe (11)

Finally, the best feature in the Divergent Universe is the Planar Ornament Extraction, which you can find on the bottom-left of your screen after clicking on Start Game. In this screen, you'll see the final bosses of each Simulated Universe world along with the boss in the Divergent Universe with two Ornament sets.

Whenever you successfully beat a run in the Divergent Universe at any difficulty, you can save every Equation, Blessing, and Curio you've acquired. These saves can be used in the Ornament Extraction to directly challenge the bosses and claim Planar Ornaments, reducing the time it takes by a lot.


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Honkai: Star Rail - Guide To Divergent Universe (2024)


What platform is Honkai: Star Rail on? ›

It was publicly released internationally on April 26, 2023, for Windows and mobile devices. Additionally, the PlayStation 5 port was released on October 11, 2023. The PlayStation 4 version is still yet to be announced, as revealed at the latest Summer Game Fest with a trailer.

Why won t there be another Divergent? ›

A fourth and final film, titled Ascendant, was meant to wrap up the franchise but it never came to fruition due to Allegiant's lackluster box office performance. As Divergent turns 10, here's everything the cast and creator have said about the fourth final that never was.

How much Divergent is Tobias? ›

He actually isn't. SPOILER ALERT: In Allegiant, One of the People at the Bureau of genetic welfare does some tests and explains to Tobias he isn't actually divergent, he just has a gene that makes him conscious during simulations..

Is stelle or caelus better? ›

There's no difference between Honkai Star Rail's Stelle and Caelus beyond visual appearance. Either way, they still has the same skills, abilities, and stats – so it's entirely up to your personal preference.

Does Honkai Star Rail have pity? ›

Pity carries over between banners of the same type in Honkai: Star Rail, but not between banners of different types. In other words, any pity accumulated on a past Character Event Warp banner will be retained once that event ends, and carried over to the next Character Event Warp banner(s) you choose to pull on.

Who is the strongest character in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Dan Heng's dragon form Imbibitor Lunae is in Honkai: Star Rail. This is the strongest character yet, topping the charts in both single-target damage and multi-target damage. He's very skill-point-hungry, though, needing up to three skill points per turn to reach his maximum damage output.

What to do as a beginner in Star Rail? ›

If you're just starting out your journey in Star Rail, we suggest playing through as much of the story as you can first (this is called the Trailblaze Mission), until you complete the 'Long Wait for the Blade's Edge' part of the 'In the Withering Wintry Night' Trailblazer Mission, as this is when Daily Training unlocks ...

How old is Boothill? ›

Boothill Graveyard was the Tombstone City Cemetery from 1878 to 1884. It was not called Boothill until the 1920s.

How to get DR ratio? ›

Dr. Ratio is an Imaginary character who follows the path of The Hunt. Unlike most of his 5-star peers, Dr. Ratio is available as a free character - just log in to Honkai: Star Rail between his release date and the start of version 2.2 to claim him as a reward.

What is the end game content of Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Honkai: Star Rail features different types of endgame content, such as Pure Fiction, Simulated Universe, and Memory of Chaos, that pits Trailblazers against formidable enemies. These dungeon-like domains are where players can farm materials to ascend their characters and Light Cones.

Is Dr. Ratio still free? ›

With Honkai: Star Rail update 2.2 being released on May 8, 2024, one of the greatest publicity stunts the team at HoYoverse has pulled so far is coming to an end – May 7, 2024, is the final day to claim your free 5-Star character Dr. Ratio in the game.

Can you choose your faction in Divergent? ›

The Choosing Ceremony is a ceremonial day observed each year at The Hub. Those who are sixteen years of age will choose one of the five factions (most likely the result of their Aptitude Test or born-faction). When they choose their new faction, they will then become an initiate of that faction.

How do you become factionless in Divergent? ›

Members. Many people become factionless because of their inability to complete their chosen faction's initiation but there are also some of those who choose to take on the label of factionless because they do not agree with the views of the faction they chose as their own.

Is Tobias Divergent too? ›

Tobias learns that he is a Divergent when he manages to escape the simulation serum through unorthodox means. Amar, a fellow Divergent, warns him to lay low, a warning that proves right when he is found dead mysteriously. He learns about Erudite's plan to mind control Dauntless and begins spying on them.

What happens if you are Divergent in Divergent? ›

Being Divergent is considered dangerous. Since a Divergent mind cannot be controlled or made to adapt to one certain way of thinking (at least for not for long), faction leaders are terrified as to what Divergent people are capable of.

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