Dateline NBC: Where Is Robert Feldman Now? (2024)

Disclaimer: The article contains mentions of murder. Reader discretion is advised.

Dateline NBC will re-examine the brutal murder case of Stacy Feldman that took place in March 2015. Titled “The Sisterhood,” the episode will reveal startling details about the heinous crime and how a woman lost her life. It would also shed light on the investigation and how authorities came to the conclusion that Stacy’s husband, Robert Feldman, might be responsible for her untimely demise. The episode will air on the network on Friday, May 17, at 9 p.m. ET.

On March 1, 2015, Robert Feldman called 911 and told the dispatcher that he discovered her wife unresponsive in the shower. According to KUSA, the paramedics tried reviving her but failed to do so, leading to her being pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities initiated the investigation and sent Stacy’s body for an autopsy. Despite finding numerous injuries on Stacy’s body, a forensic pathologist noted that none of them could have been fatal. Citing the expert’s statement, the publication mentioned that the cause of Stacy Feldman’s death “cannot be determined.”

In May of the same year, police interrogated Robert Feldman in the case. Per KUSA, Feldman told the authorities that his wife ingested “edible marijuana” the night before her death. However, the claim turned out to be false because the autopsy report showed that she didn’t consume anything similar to that. As the investigation progressed, police found strong evidence suggesting that Stacy’s death was not accidental. Subsequently, in February 2018, they arrested Robert Feldman for the murder of his wife.

During the trial, the prosecution team tried to prove Robert Feldman’s involvement in the crime. The jurors heard nine days of testimony and deliberated for less than three hours to deliver a guilty verdict. As a result, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment, per KUSA. Currently, Robert Feldman is serving his sentence at the Sterling Correctional Facility in Sterling, Colorado.

How did the police catch Robert Feldman?

During the initial interrogation, Robert Feldman told the investigators that his wife was sleeping when he took their kids to school. KUSA mentioned that he received no reply from his wife when he returned home in the afternoon. New York Post noted he picked up their children from the school before returning home. Upon returning, he found his wife unresponsive and called 911 for a medical emergency. After the results of the autopsy, the police didn’t investigate Stacy’s death as a homicide. However, a tip from a woman changed everything.

KUSA reported that in June 2015, a woman contacted the police and told them that she met a person named Robert Wolfe on a dating website and started talking to him. Additionally, the investigators discovered that Robert told the woman that he had already divorced his wife. However, when he canceled their weekend plans, she started suspecting that Robert might still be married. After searching the internet, she found Stacy’s email address. Subsequently, she messaged Stacy to find out about their relationship status and discovered that they were still together. She also told Stacy about her affair with Robert.

The woman reportedly got to know about Stacy’s death almost three moments after their conversation. Per KUSA, she searched online if Stacy and Robert Feldman were divorced. However, she came across Stacy’s obituary, which listed her date of death as March 1 – the day they had last spoken. The suspicions grew and the police continued their investigation.

Forensic expert re-examines Stacy’s autopsy and determines the cause of death

Two years later, in December 2017, one of the forensic experts re-examined the autopsy report and noted that Stacy died “as a direct result of asphyxia and/or suffocation and that her injuries are the result of an assault, which included blunt force trauma, strangulation and suffocation.” Eventually, authorities arrested Robert Feldman in February 2018 and charged him with first-degree murder. He pleaded not guilty, per KUSA.

Robert Feldman’s trial suffered a lot of delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it finally began in April 2021. More than a year later, the jury found Robert Feldman guilty and sentenced him to life in prison.

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Dateline NBC: Where Is Robert Feldman Now? (2024)


Dateline NBC: Where Is Robert Feldman Now? ›

The jurors heard nine days of testimony and deliberated for less than three hours to deliver a guilty verdict. As a result, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment, per KUSA. Currently, Robert Feldman is serving his sentence at the Sterling Correctional Facility in Sterling, Colorado.

What did Robert Feldman do for a living? ›

Feldman has represented financial institutions and developers in lending, restructuring and workouts, and he was the principal counsel for several major developers and opportunity funds in major developments including Lehman Bros., Olympus Real Estate Fund, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Paine Webber Properties.

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The Dateline NBC series isn't leaving the schedule anytime soon. The peaco*ck network has renewed the venerable show for a 31st season as part of the 2022-23 broadcast TV season.

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Prior to DreamWorks, Feldman lived in New York and was for eight years president and chief executive officer of the worldwide public relations firm GCI Group, an independent unit of Grey Advertising and WPP.

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Guests on Dateline, like guests on many news or documentary programs, typically do not get paid for their appearances.

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The dateline tradition began in the early days of newspaper reporting, before telegraph or telephone communications, when there was a time lapse of hours or days between the reporter's transmitting the story and its being printed in the paper. It is the name source for Dateline and two other shows of that name.

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